4th Annual Tiretown Junior Golf Club Fundraiser

Tiretown Golf Charities hosted its fourth annual Tiretown Junior Golf Club Fundraiser event on Sarturday, Sept. 16 at Mud Run Golf Course. Nearly 70 golfers participated in the event – including junior members Jules Dunlap and Navaeh Goode.

The proceeds from the event benefits Tiretown’s growing junior program that now has more than 50 members. The charity arm of our 73-year-old organization provides tuition for juniors to participate in the various programs at First Tee of Greater Akron.

In addition, the support of our members, sponsors and partners enable us to help fund the boys and girls golf teams of Buchtel High School. Tiretown’s members continue to develop creative ideas to strengthen the personal growth of the young men and women of our community.

Altogether, the fundraiser totaled more than $5,000. The junior program budget demands are greater, considering the rising cost of tuition, uniforms and other fees associated with programs in which the juniors participate. This year, our expected expenditures will exceed $12,000, in part, because of the rapid growth of Tiretown Junior Golf Club.

The Winners

The team of Mike Bucker, which includes Frank Williams, Bob Miller and Ricky Smith, captured the team title. The team of member Jim Sauter won the lone skin, which paid $280. Dale Riley, a guest of Fund Development Committee co-chair, Dr. Robert Kamienski, won the 50/50 ($740), and he donated half of his winnings to Tiretown

We look forward to seeing everyone next year, Sept. 21, at Mud Run.

Again, thanks very much for everyone’s support.

Ralph N. Paulk


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